Sep 15
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September has been an exciting month for families in Miles City as children settle into school and learn the ropes with new teachers and new routines. One routine that we are very excited to implement is the Toothtastic Club for children who participate in the breakfast program at public elementary schools in Miles City. 

Sep 7

Regular dental examinations are recommended every six months for both adults and children.  Each exam monitors a myriad of variables that affect not only a person's dental health, but also their systemic health.  Read on to learn more.

Aug 24

August is “back to school” month for a big segment of the population where moms and dads work to prepare their children for a super successful school year.  Selecting out just the right foods to create a healthy, balanced lunch is helpful for healthy, happy minds and bodies.  Hogan Family Dental wants to share a few ideas on how to choose healthy snack and lunch items to keep your child on track.  We want to keep your child’s teeth healthy throughout the school year!

Jul 28

Are you happy with the way your teeth look? Are they stained, crooked, worn or spaced? If so, your dentist may recommend dental veneers as a cosmetic restorative option. Dental veneers can change the length, shape, width and color of your teeth. A veneer is an ultra-conservative restoration which requires the most minimal amount of change to your natural tooth.  Call Hogan Family Dental today at (406) 234-2926 and schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Eric Hogan.

Jul 20

Hogan Family Dental offers many teeth whitening services.  Read on for more information about the options to see which might be the best for you!

Jul 14

Timing is everything if you experience a dental trauma or injury to your mouth affecting your teeth!  Hogan Family Dental is here to help you - call us at (406) 234 - 2926.

Aug 1

Hogan Family Dental invites you to join us for our "Back to School Backpack Drive".  Read on for more details!

Jun 28

Hogan Family Dental – as we know it – turned 10 on June 26, 2006!  We invite you to join us on Thursday, June 30 from 5 PM – 7 PM for a barbeque and cake in front of Hogan Family Dental.  We are delighted to celebrate the accomplishments of Drs. Eric & Robin Hogan over these ten years as they continue the legacy of Dr. Richard Hogan.  

Jan 29

Miles City dentists, Drs. Eric and Robin Hogan, love the opportunity to give back to their community.  Their team is actively preparing for their 10th annual Give Kids A Smile Day (GKAS) to occur at Hogan Family Dental Friday, February 5th, 2016. 

Jan 15

Start off the New Year with a New You!

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