Creating Positive Experiences with Pediatric Dentistry

We believe kids are ultra-cool, curious and creative individuals that need to be treated with kindness, respect and a gentle touch!  Your Miles City dentist, Dr. Eric Hogan enjoys providing dental treatment for the WHOLE family at Hogan Family Dental.  Our office is designed to treat children of all ages starting at age zero if needed!  We adhere to the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s recommendations and look forward to seeing kiddos for their first visit at age one or when your child’s first tooth erupts.  Children are usually very receptive to dental exams at this young age and we find creating positive experiences early is very beneficial. To learn more about pediatric dentistry at our friendly Miles City, MT, dental practice, please contact us today.

Pediatric dentistry patient undergoing exam

Tips for a Successful Appointment


We are excited for your little one to arrive.  We hope you and your child are looking forward to this new experience just as you would if you were planning a trip to the park or zoo!  An upbeat attitude by the child’s primary caregiver is usually all that is needed to create a successful first visit. 


We encourage you to keep details about what to expect to a minimum.  If your child needs to be prepared further, we suggest you let them know that Drs. Eric or Robin Hogan will check their smile and count their teeth.  This is a simple and fun activity to perform at home.  Feel free to simulate an initial visit by counting your child’s teeth with a toothbrush and make a kind comment about their beautiful, shiny smile.  Praise them for sitting still and for opening wide for you. 


All kids like rewards, let them know they will receive a prize when they come to see Drs. Eric and Robin Hogan as a reward for meeting their new dentist.  Our prize cupboard is regularly stocked and once your child’s clinical care is complete, they will be rewarded for their cooperation with a visit to the prize cupboard.  

Appointment Time

Our front office team will happily schedule your child on a day and time that best works for you and your schedule.  We do recommend mid-morning appointments for young children; studies show that children are most receptive to new experiences at this time of day. 


Our children’s health history is available on the home page of our website.  We ask that you print, complete and bring the health history to your child’s initial appointment so that our clinical team will be ready for your child as soon as he/she arrives.  This minimizes the amount of wait time for you and your child.

Creature Comforts

Feel free to allow your children to bring headphones to their visit or any electronic devices that they enjoy.  We have teddy bears available to hold and have a stuffed animal named Farley that we frequently use to demonstrate oral hygiene instructions.  If your child has a unique blanket or toy that they would like to have present at their appointment; feel free to bring it along.  We aim to please!  

Drs. Eric and Robin are patient and nurturing. I highly recommend them for kids. -Angela H, Miles City, MT

When You Arrive


We will take a photograph of your child so that our team can warmly welcome your child at their subsequent clinical visit.

Our waiting room

We have a welcoming waiting room for your child with coloring sheets, Leap Frog® video games, story books and action figures.  We also have interactive games for you to play with your child such as UNO® and Rory’s Story Cubes®. 


Our front office team will request your child’s completed health history form.  We will take a photocopy of any dental benefit cards applicable to your child’s visit.  We will provide you with a copy of our privacy policy, and also ask you to sign a HIPAA acknowledgement and our financial agreement.

What to Expect From our Team


Our dental assistants, front office assistants and doctors all enjoy seeing children. 

Philosophy of Care

After you have registered with our front office team, our dental assistants will escort you to the treatment area.  We will be sure to offer your child a tour of the office and point out a few highlights of our clinic.  We believe in the Tell-Show-Do philosophy and will personally engage your child before any treatment is offered.  They will be welcomed to squirt our “fire hose” and blow some “wind” with our dental equipment.  We want them to be comfortable and be accustomed to the sounds, smells and sights that they will experience here at Hogan Family Dental in advance of their treatment. 


Dr. Eric Hogan has been practicing general dentistry for over 13 years and has five children of his own.  His experience and knowledge assists him in creating a comfortable experience for most children. 

Nitrous Oxide

If your child would benefit from the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), please know we do have that service available on-site.  Nitrous oxide is best utilized when your child is relaxed and calm.  We will be certain to assess the need for nitrous oxide and make recommendations for its use when appropriate. 

Additional Appointment or Referral

A referral to a specialist will be offered whenever appropriate.  We have an excellent working relationship with pediatric specialists as well as oral surgeons and orthodontists in our region.  If additional treatment is recommended at our office for dental needs, we will be certain to provide you with an estimate of costs and discuss payment arrangements in advance of their treatment. 

Pediatric Treatments Available at HFD

Our team at Hogan Family Dental is prepared to offer the following dental services for children:  dental maintenance visits (cleanings), exams, fluoride treatments, radiographs (x-rays), dental fillings, extractions, simple orthodontics, emergency treatment including treatment for avulsed teeth and fractured jaws, pulpotomies, stainless steel crowns, and wisdom teeth extractions. To schedule an appointment for your child, get in touch with us today.

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