Miles City dentists, Drs. Eric and Robin Hogan, love the opportunity to give back to their community.  Their team is actively preparing for their 10thannual Give Kids A Smile Day (GKAS) to occur at Hogan Family Dental Friday, February 5th, 2016.  The Give Kids A Smile program began in 2003 and is sponsored by the American Dental Association.  The program’s mission is to serve the underserved children in local communities.

Nationally, 1241 dental offices participate in the GKAS event.  Collectively this year, all 7,052 dentists plan to treat 282,959 children this year.  Since 2006, we have offered over $100,000.00 in dental treatment to Eastern Montana families at Hogan Family Dental.  We are proud to share that in 2015, we were recognized by David Hemion, Executive Director for the Montana Dental Association, for our efforts in improving the oral health of local children.

Our Commitment to Your Child

We are committed to providing the best dental experience possible for your children.  We regularly offer pediatric dental treatment and our team that is committed to providing dental care in a calm and caring manner.  We will inform the children of the treatment, spend ample time explaining the services, and ensure each child knows what to expect.  Additionally, nitrous oxide analgesia is available with parental permission for patients who may need additional assistance relaxing during their dental visit.

What to Expect on GKAS Day

Health History Review

On your first visit to our dental office, we will ask parents to complete a health history.  We need to know as much as possible about our patient’s oral and systemic health because they are connected.  If your child is taking any medications, please bring a list of medications with you to your child’s appointment.


We will take a picture of your child’s beautiful face so our team is always prepared to warmly welcome your little one(s).  Our dentist and dental hygienist will treat your child/children collaboratively to render the highest level of treatment possible.

Dental MaintenanceDr. Eric Hogan Give Kids A Smile

Every new patient will receive a dental maintenance visit consisting of a dental cleaning, exam, prescribed x-rays and a fluoride treatment.  We want to be sure that their routines at home reflect good oral health choices; we will be sure to review patient specific oral hygiene instructions and review nutritional information.

Follow-up Appointment or Referral

If your child needs additional dental treatment due to dental cavities, there may be a chance to have them seen the same day or we may need to reschedule their dental appointment with Dr. Eric Hogan.  If your child has complex dental needs, a referral to a suitable specialist will be given.  We have an excellent working relationship with highly skilled pediatric dentists in the region and will be happy to assist you in scheduling your visits with a specialist.

Financial Arrangements

Our doctors at Hogan Family Dental do not collect patient payments for any services received on Give Kids A Smile Day!  If you have dental insurance, please do provide us with your proof of insurance for treatment that can be billed to your dental provider.  If you do not have dental insurance and would like to receive coverage for your family, we can help facilitate processing your request for dental insurance through state programs such as Healthy Montana Kids and Healthy Montana Kids Plus.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Please call our office at 406-234-2926 to schedule an appointment for this year’s GKAS event on February 5.  We have limited availability and are accepting new patients ages 0 and up to 19 years old.  We will reserve clinical time for your child and ask that if for any reason you are unable to come to your appointment that you respectfully inform us 24 hours in advance.  We request this courtesy so that we will be able to treat as many little ones as we are able at our GKAS event.

We have a child health history form available for download on our website for your convenience.  To expedite your care, please print, complete and bring your child’s health history to their appointment.

Thank You!

Thank you in advance for your interest and we look forward to meeting you and your child(ren)!