At Hogan Family Dental, our experience indicates people fear dentistry for many reasons. Two of the most significant barriers to care are the sound of the drill and dental anesthetic (the shot).  With these barriers in mind, we purchased a Fotona Lightwalker dual energy laser in December of 2017. Now we can eliminate both the drill and the need for anesthetic in many cases!

Dr. Eric Hogan has successfully treated a variety of cases using this laser with excellent treatment results. He comments,

“The dual energy Lightwalker laser is a modern way to approach dentistry. It has definitely changed the traditional paradigm of drills and needles.”

This advanced technology introduces a variety of new and laser-enhanced services we can offer at Hogan Family Dental. Some of these services include snoring treatment and cosmetic skin enhancements.  In particular, these laser therapies are completed without the use of scalpels, sutures, injections, or anesthetic.

Enhanced Clinical Dentistry

Using the laser to complete a dental filling means that many children and adults can now experience anesthetic-free fillings. The dental laser reduces chair time and provides a superior bond when tooth-colored fillings are placed. Adults and children appreciate eliminating “the shot.” They no longer need to wait for anesthetic to wear off before resuming normal daily activity. Dr. Robin Hogan comments,

“Children prefer the use of the laser over the traditional drill and cooperate more easily to receive needed treatment.”

When used during root canal treatments, the laser cleans, debrides, and disinfects the chambers inside the tooth. This laser light energy is superior to traditional disinfectant solutions alone. Teeth treated with the laser experience a higher success rate because the preparation and disinfection is more thorough.

When the laser is used during implant surgeries, it accelerates the healing process by increasing blood flow at the surgical site and decreases tissue trauma. Benefits of the laser include reduced treatment time and minimized post-operative discomfort. The laser can be used during all aspects of implant dentistry: the placement of dental implants, bone grafts, and uncovering dental implants.

New Services Offered

Photobiomodulation laser treatment accelerates healing time. The dual energy laser stimulates the cells to heal faster and reduces inflammation. Photobiomodulation is used situations of prolonged bleeding or inflammation.  This therapy can even treat herpes lesions if the virus is identified early in development (the prodromal phase).

Nightlase® laser therapy reduces snoring, increases airway space, and improves the quality of sleep. Laser energy is applied to the tissues in the back of the throat. This naturally lifts and tightens the tissues that cause snoring. No anesthetic, scalpels, or surgery are required for Nightlase ® treatment.

Smoothlase® laser therapy is a cosmetic enhancement for the skin of the face using a dual energy laser. Often called the “Stealth Facelift,” the skin around the mouth, nose, chin, and upper neck is tightened. This laser therapy stimulates cells to produce more collagen, providing a more youthful appearance. All treatment is rendered from inside the mouth and does not require injections, surgery, anesthetic, or recovery time. Liplase® and Necklase® are also available.

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We invite you to call us at (406) 234-2926 to see how your dental treatment can be successfully completed with the use of the Lightwalker laser. To learn more about each of these services, visit laser dentistry.