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Featured Amenities

At Hogan Family Dental, we strive to create a comfortable environment while providing you with an exceptional treatment experience.  Here are some of the creature comforts we hope you will enjoy. You can count on us to keep your health, comfort, and convenience our top priorities.

As You Arrive…

Parking Lot

We welcome farmers, ranchers and semi-truck drivers! Whether you are local or are driving from Circle, Baker or Broadus (or somewhere in between) we have your parking needs covered if you have an extended load. We have ample parking in the rear of our office and also have a city block kitty corner to our office (Clark St. and Valley Drive East) to meet all your parking needs. We also invite you to park in our parking lot directly in front of our building.

Wheelchair Access

We have a ramp located on our N. Custer entrance. Our treatment rooms and restroom are wheelchair accessible. Patients can receive care in their wheelchair or can be transferred to the dental chair with the assistance of a caregiver. In addition, you will find a reserved parking spot in front of our building.

While You Wait…

Kids’ area in the waiting room

Games, colored pencils, crayons, books, and cards are available for your little ones to enjoy while they wait for their appointment or wait for your appointment to be over! We have activities for children of all ages to help pass the time.

Complimentary water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate

Please enjoy a warm beverage or a bottle of cold water when you arrive or when you depart! We have a wonderful selection of teas, coffee, cider, and hot chocolate for your enjoyment.

Complimentary Pre-pasted Toothbrushes

We invite you to freshen up prior to your dental appointment. You will find single-use toothbrushes in the restroom. You now have no need to worry if you just ate breakfast, lunch or a mid-morning snack before your visit.

Other Items Available

Complimentary Lip Balm

Lip cancer is an overlooked form of skin cancer and is easily preventable with regular and thorough application of sunscreen. Please enjoy a complimentary lip balm with SPF 15 to protect and moisturize your lips.

Complimentary Paraffin Hand Wax

Treat yourself to a complimentary paraffin hand wax during any dental hygiene treatment. This relaxing service is just one of the special ways we like to show our appreciation to our patients.

Balloons and Treasures for Kids

Balloons in “kid language” means “you are special”. We delight in the opportunity to treat your little ones, and we want to be sure they have something to smile about when they come to see us. Your child has the opportunity to receive a treasure from our kids’ gift area or a balloon of their choice at every visit.

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