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Laser Dentistry

Serving Miles City, Baker, Brodus, Circle, Forsyth, Glendive and Surrounding Areas

Laser dentistry is used in many aspects of patient care at Hogan Family Dental.  During laser treatment, light energy helps achieve treatment goals in conjunction with traditional methods and instruments. The Fotona® laser utilizes Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser energies to treat both hard (tooth) and soft tissue with the highest efficiency. Our patients can expect:

✓ less time in the dental chair

✓ minimally invasive treatment

✓ significant reduction in need for anesthetic

✓ increased comfort during treatment

✓ reduced bleeding

✓ reduced post-operative discomfort

✓ minimal vibration and noise

✓ laser-enhanced sterility


Nightlase® therapy is recommended for patients who snore. Chronic snoring can contribute to an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart conditions, headaches, and stroke. Snoring is caused by loose, thin tissue between the nose and mouth that vibrates when you breathe. Nightlase® therapy stimulates natural production of collagen which stiffens and lifts the tissues in the back of the throat. This treatment creates greater airflow and reduces the vibration that typically causes snoring. Nightlase® is rendered without scalpels, sutures, or anesthesia.


Cosmetic Laser Enhancements

Women and men now have the opportunity to “turn back the hands of time” with laser cosmetic enhancements at Hogan Family Dental. Using the Fotona Lightwalker® Laser, Dr. Eric Hogan can remove wrinkles, plump lips, tighten jowls, and whiten teeth. The laser enhances the production of collagen in treated facial tissue, changing the skin’s tone and texture to a more youthful appearance.


Surgical Implant Preparation

The Fotona laser is perfectly suited to assist in the placement of dental implants. Dr. Eric Hogan uses the Fotona laser to prepare the surgical site when bone grafting is needed prior to implant placement. Laser use during surgery enhances your prognosis because the laser energy disinfects the surgical site, reduces bacterial counts, and simultaneously stimulates the bone, which enhances healing. Increased blood flow from this process provides you with a better surgical result. Compromised implants that have already been placed can be treated with the laser without damage or alteration of the implant surface and makes it possible to bone graft the implant.


The Fotona laser has the unique ability to accelerate healing at a cellular level using a low energy laser. This laser stimulates each cell in the treatment area, placing the cells on ‘turbo’ speed to improve cell function and increase productivity. For example, bruises and swelling which occur as a result of surgical procedures can quickly be reduced without anesthesia. Even the duration of cold and canker sores can be reduced with photobiomodulation, if initiated at the onset of formation. This accelerated healing is completed without touching the tissues and without the use of drugs, chemicals, or injections.

Anesthetic-Free Fillings

Children and adults can now receive treatment for simple cavities with no dental anesthetic! For some patients, “the shot” produces the most dental anxiety when a patient comes to see the dentist. With the use of lasers, Dr. Eric is able to eliminate dental anesthetic for most children and some adults, decrease time in the dental chair, and provide superior bonding for a composite filling due to the nature of how the lasers treat the tooth.

Laser Assisted Endodontics

Endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) is sometimes necessary when a tooth has become infected or when excessive tooth structure is lost. Successful root canal therapy requires the removal of bacteria and toxins from inside the tooth. The Fotona laser has the unique ability to perform SWEEPSTM to remove these toxins with no collateral damage to the tooth structure. Microscopic canals and tributaries lateral to the main canal system are cleaned effectively in preparation for a complete seal. The end result is a superior cleansing of the interior of the canals of the tooth and a better prognosis for your tooth.