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Comprehensive Dental Exams and Cleanings

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Seeking out professional dental exams on a regular basis can do you and your systemic (complete body) health a world of good. At every dental exam appointment you can expect him to perform a series of comprehensive procedures. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

Seeking out the care of a dental professional on a regular basis can do you and your systemic (complete body) health a world of good. Regular dental check-ups include:

  • Dental Exam Checklista thorough examination of the teeth,
  • exam of the head and neck areas,
  • exam of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ),
  • evaluation of the gingiva (gums),
  • oral cancer evaluation,
  • occlusal analysis (bite evaluation),
  • diet analysis,
  • evaluation of efficacy of oral hygiene,
  • blood pressure and pulse screening,
  • evaluation of saliva flow, and
  • a thorough review of your health history.

Commitment to Comprehensive Care

Hogan Family Dental takes pride in our commitment to comprehensive care. We will provide a thorough and complete exam for all patients, whether new or regular. Our aim with each exam is to ensure the best possible dental and systemic health outcome.

Reasons to Seek a Dental Exam

One of the most obvious reasons patients come for a dental exam is to have their teeth evaluated for signs of dental disease, including cavities. Other concerns include abscesses, halitosis (bad breath), and oral cancer. Additionally, if a patient is going to be undergoing a major operation, like a joint replacement, your surgeon may require a complete dental exam, prior to surgery. Any unusual findings are shared with the patient, and a personalized treatment plan is created with the patient’s needs and wants in mind.

Dental Care

Dental Exams Testimonial

“Excellent service! My first visit was greeted by wonderful smiling people, the exam was very comprehensive, and Dr. Hogan was very professional. I would recommend this state of the art facility to anyone! Everyone truly cares, and they are kid-friendly. They have established a great family atmosphere.”

Mohan Raffety, Miles City, MT

Advantages to Regular Exams


The most significant advantage to regular dental exams is that any form of dental disease is caught early. A small cavity on one surface is far less expensive to treat than a cavity on multiple surfaces. In addition, when a cavity is diagnosed early, a minimal amount of tooth structure will need to be removed, yielding an ideal outcome for the filled tooth. When significant tooth structure needs to be removed, the tooth is more prone to fracture, pulpitis, or a dental crown to preserve the tooth.

Systemic Benefits

Regular dental checkups also benefit your systemic health. Bacteria that cause periodontal (gum) disease are correlated to a host of systemic diseases including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and pre-term birth. Regular and thorough dental exams can identify the presence of periodontal disease. Once periodontal disease is diagnosed, proper treatments and maintenance intervals will be scheduled to address the problem.

“…the investigation into oral-systemic disease connections is a rapidly advancing area of research, and that the early identification of oral disease may contribute to the early diagnosis and treatment for a number of systemic diseases.”

– The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Exam Frequency

Determining a proper exam frequency is important for you and your family. We have consistently found that children are best served by visiting the dentist two times per year based on their diet and oral hygiene habits. Your dentist will work closely with you (adults) to determine your oral health risk factors and will make recommendations for frequency of dental visits based on your oral health. We believe patients are best served by a customized treatment plan including the proper frequency of dental exams and dental cleanings.