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Dental Veneers


Serving Miles City, Baker, Brodus, Circle, Forsyth, Glendive and Surrounding Areas

A beautiful smile imparts confidence and can positively impact many social interactions. At Hogan Family Dental in Miles City, Dr. Eric Hogan creates smile makeovers and smile reconstructions to enhance your smile. Dr. Eric is able to customize the shape, contour, color, and offers individualized characterization of all veneers. Porcelain and composite veneers are excellent choices when an individual has one or more of the following conditions:

Severe Chips/Cracks

We can help get your smile back on track by treating chips and cracks on your front teeth. Severe chips and cracks are often due to parafunctional habits (biting on tooth picks, grinding, etc.) and can be effectively treated with a veneer.

Excess Spaces Between Teeth

There are varied causes for spaces between teeth, including a strong frenum attachment, malalignment of teeth, or even a missing tooth. Veneers can be created to close these spaces to create a beautiful and symmetric smile.

Internal Dental Staining

Some patients experience a yellow, grey, or white stain that is incorporated into the tooth structure. This can be caused by maternal use of tetracycline during pregnancy, excess systemic fluoride exposure, traumatic accidents to teeth, discoloration of root canals, and cracks in the teeth which leak food/beverages into the inner surface of the teeth. Veneers can mask intrinsics stain on teeth to restore your confidence when you smile.

Malposition of a Tooth or Teeth

When a tooth is not in an ideal position, a veneer can be placed to create a more aligned and symmetrical smile.

Worn Teeth

Some patients grind their teeth or have other parafunctional habits such as wear from tobacco use, foreign objects (toothpicks, sunflower seeds), or even sleep apnea. A veneer is a beautiful cosmetic procedure to turn back the hand of time on teeth that appear worn.

Disproportionate Teeth

Teeth that exhibit microdontia (small teeth) or macrodontia (large teeth) can be treated with dental veneers. Peg laterals (unusually small lateral teeth) are one of the most common forms of microdontia. Any form of imbalance with respect to shape, width, or length can be easily addressed with a dental veneer to create a beautiful and balanced smile.

Veneers Testimonial

“They call me Hollywood, that’s the kind of smile I have with the incredible veneers from Hogan Dental. The veneers are so perfect to nature that everyone thinks I just have wonderful natural teeth, I have had so many compliments on them. I had to speak at a conference and I was so glad to have the veneers done before that. It really helped my confidence getting up in front of all those people. Dr. Eric is so professional with everything he does, I have been going there for years and I absolutely wouldn’t go anywhere else. This office is part of our family and that is how I am treated, it doesn’t matter what dental issue I have, it is always completely fixed.”

Ruby T., Wibaux, MT

Choice of  Veneer Materials

Porcelain Advantages

  • More resistant to staining
  • Most natural-appearing material in diverse lighting
  • Longer-lasting with less marginal staining and breakdown
  • Color stable for many years
  • Requires two office visits separated by a minimum of 24 hours

Composite Advantages

  • Excellent for patients who have a parafunctional habit such as bruxing
  • Easier to repair
  • Complete in one visit
  • Highly versatile and easily customizable
  • Less expensive
  • Requires one office visit

Treatment Process

Dr. Eric will use photos and visual models as discussion tools to help create a blueprint for your new smile. Dr. Eric Hogan often starts with a diagnostic wax-up to create a visual of what your veneers will look like. Prior to a veneer appointment, many patients choose to whiten the color of their other teeth for a more aesthetic result. Dr. Eric may create a temporary “snap-on smile” to help visualize how the veneers will look. We feel is it is important for the patients to see the final outcome prior to any changes to natural teeth.

Sequencing of Porcelain Veneer Appointments: 1) Diagnostic procedures with smile analysis, 2) preparation appointment, and 3) delivery appointment

Sequencing of Composite Veneer Appointments: 1) Diagnostic procedures with smile analysis and 2) preparation/finishing appointment

Dr. Eric Hogan will prepare the tooth or teeth for a dental veneer by precisely removing a thin layer of your outer enamel where necessary. To make porcelain veneers, an impression of your teeth will be created and then a digital scan will may be taken of your prepared tooth surfaces. You will be fitted with temporary veneers while your custom veneers are made. Our team will welcome you back for a second visit where your porcelain veneers will be bonded into place. To make composite veneers, the material is shaped and bonded directly to the prepared teeth. In all cases, your bite will be carefully analyzed to be sure that your veneer is in the exact position for optimum comfort and biting efficiency.

After your dental veneers are placed, a night guard is highly recommended to protect them, if you grind or clench your teeth. We recommend “careful” chewing with smaller bites until you develop muscle memory with your veneers. We hope you smile with confidence with your beautiful, lifelike veneers. Call us today to schedule your smile analysis!

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