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Do you snore? Is your sleep disrupted by someone who snores? Snoring is treatable.

Snoring becomes more prevalent as people age and is observed in 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women. Snoring is caused by loose pharyngeal tissues (tissues in the back of the throat) that vibrate when you breathe. This vibration can impair breathing and may contribute to poor sleep due to lack of oxygen. Individuals who snore may experience difficulty concentrating, daytime fatigue, and irritability due to a lack of adequate sleep. Chronic snoring may affect quality of life for the person who snores and those who sleep nearby.

About Nightlase®

Nightlase® therapy treats parapharyngeal tissues by stimulating fibroblast cells to produce more collagen. This natural increase in collagen will improve water retention within the tissues, resulting in firmer and stiffer parapharyngeal tissues. Stiffening causes the tissues to be less apt to sag, which means less vibration while breathing (snoring) and greater air flow.

Hogan Family Dental’s Fotona laser uses two different lasers to treat the parapharyngeal tissues. This proprietary treatment (unique to Fotona), imparts energy on a cellular level and creates change naturally. Nightlase® treatment requires no anesthetic and does not require foreign materials to be injected or placed in your body. There are no harmful side effects, and no healing period is required.

If you have been told you snore or suspect your sleep is ineffective, we encourage you to talk to Dr. Eric Hogan about our Nightlase® treatment. A large percentage of the population does not have sleep apnea, yet is affected by the side effects associated with snoring. Imagine waking up with a refreshing night’s sleep, alert and ready to tackle your day.

Pre- and postoperative photos of  a patient who received Nightlase® therapy. Note the increased airway space.

Photos courtesy of treating dentist, Dr. Jay Khorsandi, CA

Prior to Treatment

Use the SnoreLab app on your phone to assess frequency and intensity of snoring. The SnoreLab app will give you baseline information about your current condition and is important in comparing your before and after results.

Laser therapy works best when a patient is properly hydrated. Please drink ½ of your body weight in ounces of water each day for one week prior to your appointment.

Sequence of Appointments

Initial therapy consists of three separate appointments 21 days apart. Some patients, including patients who smoke, may require a 4th appointment during initial therapy.

A maintenance visit will be necessary in a single appointment 12-18 months after initial therapy. This maintenance appointment is essential to maintaining the effects of your Nightlase® treatment.

What to Expect During Treatment

Two different lasers are used to stimulate your body’s remodeling of the throat tissue. Treatment is rendered without anesthesia and may feel like tiny pricks that are short in duration. As the treatment progresses, this sensation decreases.

Post Treatment

The perception of a dry throat may be present in some individuals for a day. Adequate water consumption will decrease this side effect.

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