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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

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At a recent dental exam, Dr. Eric Hogan may have informed you that you have a cavity and need a dental filling. If you have never had a dental filling placed before, you may have a few questions. We would like to take this opportunity to explain your treatment options and what to expect during your restorative appointment. To learn more about dental fillings at his friendly Miles City, MT dental practice, please contact us today.

Types of Fillings

Historically, gold, amalgam, and composite restorations have been offered to treat dental cavities. Drs. Robin and Eric Hogan offer composite and amalgam restorations due to the unique benefits of each material.

Composite Restorations

If your expectation is a natural looking tooth, a composite restoration would be an excellent choice. Composite restorations are indicated when a bonded restoration is needed. Composite restorations have the added benefit of adhering to your tooth both chemically and mechanically which assists in long term retention of your filling.

During your treatment procedure, Dr. Eric Hogan and his assistants will choose a complementary shade to match the treatment area to blend seamlessly with your natural tooth. Dr. Eric expects that you will be able to pass floss easily around your new composite restoration and that your biting forces are distributed equally. Your final restoration will be smoothed and polished on all surfaces for optimal comfort and longevity.

Amalgam (Silver) Restorations

Amalgam restorations are the best choice when a restoration must be placed in a moist environment. Dr. Eric may suggest an amalgam restoration when cavities are found in the following circumstances: a patient has a lower back molar that is not fully erupted, deciduous (baby) teeth, cavities around porcelain-fused-metal crowns, and when cost is a concern. Amalgam restorations require 24 hours to achieve a final set. Please avoid hard, chewy foods for 24 hours after your amalgam filling has been placed.

Dental Fillings Testimonial

“Drs. Eric and Robin are the best and so it their staff. Dr. Eric replaced an old filling with no pain or discomfort. In fact, after the numb wore off I couldn’t tell I’d been to the dentist except the rough old filling was replaced with a smooth one.”

Mike Freeman, Miles City, MT

What to Expect During a Filling Appointment

Dr. Eric Hogan will ensure that all of your questions regarding treatment and financial considerations have been answered.

Local Anesthesia

Both topical and local anesthesia will be used to anesthetize (numb) the treatment area. Dr. Eric Hogan will make sure you are comfortable throughout your appointment. Laser treatment is available for anesthetic-free fillings.

Decay Removal

Once you display signs of complete dental anesthesia, Dr. Eric Hogan will remove the cavity and any bacterially contaminated restorative materials in the tooth.

Smoothing & Shaping

Regardless of the material you choose, he will place the new restoration and shape it to mimic the anatomy present in a healthy, non-restored tooth.

Bite Reevaluation

Dr. Eric Hogan will reevaluate your bite to make sure you are biting on all of your teeth equally to ensure long-term success of your restoration as well as your overall patient comfort.

After Treatment

The effects of dental anesthesia usually take 2-3 hours to disappear completely. Please be careful to avoid biting your lips, cheeks, and tongue until your tissues return to normal feeling. We have a way to reverse the effects of dental anesthetic, which is available upon request.

In general, feeling sensitivity to temperature with a new filling is normal. This sensation may last several weeks after treatment. Dental treatment by Dr. Eric Hogan is considered a microsurgical procedure; after any surgery, healing time is required.

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