Celebrating National Dental Health Month

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Hogan Family Dental is celebrating National Dental Health Month by reaching out to children in local schools and by hosting our eighth annual Give Kids A Smile Event this Friday, February 6th. Dr. Robin Hogan, assisted by both Starla Gundlach and Lindsey Menyhart, had the joy of providing a little Dental 101 to Sacred Heart, Jefferson and Garfield students last week. We have heard around town that Dr. Robin now has the reputation of a dental rock-star because she started and finished her presentation with the song “Brush Your Teeth” by Raffi! Children in Miles City enjoyed learning facts about proper oral hygiene, nutrition and how to have a five-star dental visit.

Oral Hygiene

According to a recent news release by Dental Dental, “Only four of 10 Americas (41 percent) floss at least once a day, and 20 percent never floss.”  We would love to change this statistic for the children of Miles City.  Flossing is the ONLY way to clean between teeth!  Children need to be exposed to this concept early on so that they make it part of their oral hygiene routine. Dr. Robin and her team were happy to show your children a few tips and tricks to help your child(ren) floss effectively.

At the schools, we also covered the basics with respect to brushing and the importance of brushing for two minutes, two times a day.  Dr. Robin brought her friend Farley, the dinosaur, so that children could practice brushing all surfaces of teeth and even the tongue.  Children usually need the assistance of a caregiver until age nine for both flossing and brushing.


Healthy food choices can make a big difference with respect to your child’s risk of forming cavities.  Frequent consumption of sugary and sticky foods leads to cavities.  Dr. Robin admitted that we all enjoy a sugary treat from time to time (yes, she eats candy too!).  When we do, brushing your teeth right away is important to make sure that the residual food particles are scrubbed and rinsed away.  She also shared information, using visual aids, regarding how much sugar is in a variety of foods including juice, milk, water, meat, cheese, candy, carrots and apples.  The kids learned that meat, cheese, nuts and water have NO sugar and are perfect afterschool snacks!

Dental Visits

We sure had fun simulating a dental visit at the schools!  Dr. Robin wore her dental “uniform” including her own personal headlight, so she could see easily.  Children wore sunglasses to keep them looking cool as a cucumber and to protect their beautiful eyes.

We talked about the importance of visiting a dentist twice a year and went through the basics of a dental exam, tooth polish, and fluoride treatment.  Students seemed to enjoy this part and got to use their imagination caps when we went to the imaginary prize cabinet where they picked out a prize for their cooperation.  One sweet girl from Sacred Heart commented that we were both wearing princess crowns during our simulated dental visit!

Do We Like Science?

Of course we do!  Dr. Robin believes that reinforcement of the concepts she visits about in class are very important.  Each kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade class has an individualized science experiment to participate in after she leaves.  All students were encouraged to visit other classrooms with their teachers if they wanted to learn more.

Kindergarten teachers were given an experiment about the effects of beverages  including vinegar, orange juice, water, and coke on an eggshell (simulated tooth). First grade teachers were given an experiment to investigate how a cavity spreads. Teaching tools involved with this experiment were an apple, pencil and a paper bag.  Second grade teachers received a study involving the beneficial effects of dental fluoride on teeth.  The tools for this experiment are chalk, balloons, a sports bottle and vinegar.

Student Gifts

All children in the select grades have received a brand new toothbrush and an informational packet to take home which includes an age-appropriate activity sheet, all courtesy of Hogan Family Dental.  We hope your child enjoyed our visit to their school!  Kinsey and Highland Park schools will be visited by mid-February.

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