Happy 10th Birthday – Hogan Family Dental!

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Celebrating 10 Years

Hogan Family Dental – as we know it – turned 10 on June 26, 2006!  We invite you to join us on Thursday, June 30 from 5 PM – 7 PM for a barbecue and cake in front of Hogan Family Dental.  We are delighted to celebrate the accomplishments of Doctors Eric & Robin Hogan over these ten years as they continue the legacy of Dr. Richard Hogan.

The Hogan Legacy

The Hogan’s have been serving the families of Eastern Montana for over 50 years.  You are invited to tour our state-of-the-art facility that began by offering quality general dentistry and has expanded to include smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions, utilizing dental implants, same-day crowns, and our 3-D cone beam computed tomography (CT) imaging system.  Dr. Eric’s commitment to excellence, continuing education, and cutting-edge dentistry allows him to offer personalized treatment plans.

Thank You

Hogan Family Dental is grateful to all of their patients, past and present, for the opportunity to serve you, your family, your friends, and our community.

Join Us

We welcome you to become part of our Hogan Family Dental “family”.  Take your first step in meeting our team by joining us for a meal on Thursday, June 30th!  Our special guest, Brutus, the Hogan Family Dental fire truck, will be on site to greet you too!

10 Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts for you to enjoy about what has happened over the last ten years.  These trivia bits let you know some of what we’ve done to grow the Hogan Family Dental legacy and to prepare for the future of dental care in our area with advancements in dentistry.

Drs. Eric and Robin 2006

#10: THEN & NOW

On June 26, 2006, when Drs. Eric & Robin Hogan re-opened Hogan Family Dental, they started with two doctors and two full-time employees. Today, we have two doctors, four full-time employees, and six part-time employees.

#9: THEN & NOW

Drs. Eric & Robin Hogan started the practice with good quality general dentistry.   Since then, we’ve added same-day crowns, full mouth rehabilitation, dental implants, and oral surgery procedures, including bone grafts and sinus augmentation.


Drs. Robin & Eric tripled the square footage of Dr. Richard Hogan’s original office to be the clinic that you know today.  All aspects of our current facility are used. Dr. Eric’s brother, Chris Hogan, is the architect that who designed our current layout.  The practice now holds an expanded reception area, six clinical rooms, an expanded sterilization center, a 3-D cone beam computed tomography (CT) Imaging system, and a laboratory.

#7: THEN & NOW

All of the computer setup and employee software training was completed in Dr. Richard’s living room so that on June 26, 2006, we could hit the ground running!  Today, we use our employee lounge for regular team meetings which cover various topics like employee development, enhancement of patient care, advancements in dentistry, and software training.


When Drs. Robin and Eric took over Hogan Family Dental, a switch was made from using film x-rays to digital x-rays.  Digital x-rays use 25% of the radiation that film x-rays use.  Since June 26, 2006, we have taken 17,837 digital x-rays, saving people on their exposure to radiation – each time.  These radiographs serve as a foundation for the diagnosis of pathology of teeth, roots, jawbones and other associated oral structures and are necessary for comprehensive care.



Hogan Family Dental is probably the only dental office with its own Firetruck.  “Brutus” is a 1959 Mack Firetruck who served the people of Glens Falls, New York.  Dr. Robin’s late father, Jerry, had a dream of owning this firetruck for his grandchildren to enjoy.  Drs. Robin & Eric have made this dream a reality for Jerry’s grandchildren – and others too.  Brutus regularly appears in parades and local community events in Miles City.  Soon, Brutus will be offering rides for members of our cavity free club.  Watch for more details to come!


Dr. Eric has been busy investing in continuing education courses to expand treatment options for all of our patients.  His goal is to offer the exceptional treatment, using cutting-edge procedures and advancements in dentistry, to provide the best prognosis on an individualized basis.  Since graduating from The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in May 2003, Dr. Eric has completed 974.25 hours of continuing education credits – that is hours of additional learning of the latest and greatest to benefit you!


Dr. Eric Hogan is always on call.  So whether the office is closed or he is away for continuing education, he is always available to patients.  Dental emergencies do not operate on a work-day schedule and thus, this is one of the ways we have made your health a priority.


Drs. Eric and Robin have participated in the Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) Program each year.  This is a national program sponsored by the American Dental Association (ADA) to grant free dental care to those patients who are in need.  Since 2007, on the first Friday of February, Hogan Family Dental has seen a total of 245 kids.  This equates to $80,000 of dental treatment provided on GKAS days for kids in need a way we have contributed to the health of our community.  Our next GKAS day is Friday, February 3, 2017.

#1: THEN & NOW

Hogan Family Dental places an emphasis on family – in many ways:  our clinic, our team, our patients and the doctors’ family.  All aspects of the operation utilize our families.  Earlier, we mentioned that Dr. Eric’s brother, Chris, helped design the office.  His brother, Paul, designed the custom metal signs that appear in front and on the side of the office.  Our patients regularly comment that they feel like family here, and so they send their extended families here.  So, we invite you, “Come join Hogan Family Dental, where you will be treated like one of the family.”

Hogan Family 2016

You’re Invited

Please join us Thursday, June 30 from 5 PM – 7 PM for a barbecue and cake in front of Hogan Family Dental, 1820 Valley Dr E, Miles City, MT 59301.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining our dental office, we are accepting new patients.  Please call (406) 234 – 2926 to make an appointment today.  You may also email us.

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