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Dental VeneersAre you happy with the way your teeth look? Are they stained, crooked, worn or spaced? If so, your dentist may recommend dental veneers as a cosmetic restorative option. Dental veneers can change the length, shape, width and color of your teeth. A veneer is an ultra-conservative restoration which requires the most minimal amount of change to your natural tooth. There are two types of dental veneers: composite and porcelain.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers have the benefit that they are created by your dentist in-office in a single visit. Composite veneers are bonded to the teeth creating a very lifelike appearance. We value your input and invite you to be a participant in the shade selection by offering your opinion for your desired shade or color. An additional benefit of composite veneers is that if you ever have a minor injury or experience a fracture to the composite veneer, it can be repaired in a single dental visit. Composite veneers can change in color slightly overtime.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a beautiful option when want the most natural and durable restoration. Porcelain is a very tough material that matches the strength and resilience of your natural tooth structure. They are beautiful and have a very lustrous look with excellent longevity.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are completed in two dental visits. The time between each visit varies from office to office. Some dental offices have an in-house laboratory and utilize a Cerec, Cadcam or E4D technology enabling them to deliver your veneers the same day as the preparation.

Some dental offices enjoy working with a professional lab ceramicist and will have you return to the office a few weeks later for final cementation of the porcelain veneers. In between dental visits, temporary veneers will be placed so that you will be able to sport your new smile immediately!

Making Decisions

Regardless of the dental material you choose, dental veneers are a beautiful and lustrous restoration which can dramatically change the appearance of your smile. In advance of your veneer appointment, your dentist may offer to do a cosmetic mock-up either digitally or by hand. This allows us the opportunity to give you an idea how altering the shade or shape of your teeth can create a beautiful esthetic result.

In addition, your dentist may recommend tooth whitening prior to veneer placement. Dental whitening will allow your veneers to be matched to your desired tooth shade for a beautiful bright smile. Please see our previous blog on Dental Whitening for more information.

Achieving Successful Results

Communication with your dentist is key to success with any cosmetic dental service. Please feel free to bring pictures of your ideal smile to your consultation visit with Dr. Eric Hogan. You may be trying to recreate the smile you had when you were 18 years old or you may want to close a gap you have had all of your life. Dr. Eric Hogan will systematically analyze the shape, contour, and position of your teeth to determine if dental veneers will meet your cosmetic goals.

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